Picture this… you, me and 7 other women hanging out in a beautiful stone farmhouse on one of the most breathtaking lakes in Ontario, the Big Rideau, from October 19th through the 22nd. Away from the demands of life, you’ll get to relax – cozy in your favourite sweater, looking out over the lake, fingers flying across your keyboard.

This is the writing escape you’ve been dreaming of…

Women's Writing Retreat on the Big Rideau, ON

Each morning you may start your day with yoga and meditation, then move into the kitchen to make yourself a smoothie from the smoothie bar or pile toppings on a warm bowl of oatmeal. After breakfast, with your coffee or tea, you may join me for some morning journaling prompts crafted to keep you clear on your intention for the retreat, which is, of course, to write.

Once our journaling time has wrapped up you’ll find yourself with most of the day to write. Spend your time tucked in a cozy chair with your laptop or set up at the dining room that overlooks the lake. Get some fresh air outside on the patio or down on the dock by the water.

Lunch will be catered by the amazing Fieldhouse, a culinary gem in my hometown. Pop into the kitchen, grab your food and get back to your laptop. When you find the writing isn’t flowing, take a soak in the hot tub, sweat it out in the sauna or peruse my own personal library of great reads that I will bring along with me.

Women's Writing Retreat on the Big Rideau, ON

And, at any time during the day, find me when you’re hitting writer’s block or just need to chat out what you’re working on. I will be available to you throughout your writing time to coach and support you as needed.

In the late afternoon, with a beverage of choice and some appetizers, we’ll gather for a group writing workshop, designed to support the specific needs of the women in attendance. After that, we’ll share a big farm-fresh dinner together in the dining room, looking out over the water as we eat, talk and laugh our way into the evening.



Then, after a restful night, we’ll do it all again….

Women's Writing Retreat on the Big Rideau, ON

Here are some specifics of what’s included:

  • Pre-retreat private coaching call (Value $250)

  • Transportation from the Ottawa airport (or Smiths Falls train station)

  • All meals (3 dinners, 2 lunches, 3 breakfasts)

  • Local craft beer and wine, and nonalcoholic beverages

  • 3 nights shared accommodations

  • Post-retreat group call (Value $150)

  • A writer’s self-care gift bundle with everything you need to bring the feeling of creative nourishment home with you


I’ve planned this retreat to be just the right combination of connection, relaxation and introspection so that you (and your body, mind and soul) are nourished and prepared to write. You want to leave the world behind and immerse yourself in your words – to live the writer’s dream – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from this retreat.


Take a moment to imagine yourself there with me, in the living room of the stone farmhouse with the fire roaring and words flowing.


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