There’s a little voice inside you, telling you to write.

How long will you ignore it?

Because maybe the time has come to listen…


A 4-Week Workshop Series to Unleash Your Inner Writer

Emergence is a container of support around you and your writing. It’s the opportunity to explore and push your edges, all while being held in a bubble of compassion and understanding. Emergence is the place where it’s safe to shine a little brighter and write a little deeper. 

But, I’m going to be honest with you here, describing the Emergence experience isn’t an easy task. I can’t guarantee you’ll write a masterpiece. I can’t guarantee that you’ll get published. There are no “outcomes” or “results” for this workshop.

There is simply a commitment. A commitment to show up and write.

For four weeks, I invite you to make your writing a priority. To dig into it. To trust it.

No matter your writing goal – completing your first draft of a full-length manuscript, or developing the short story brewing in your head or just starting a personal journaling practice – Emergence is the inspiration, motivation and support you need to consistently put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and unleash your inner writer.

You know how we always like to say “I don’t have time to write?” Or “I wish I had more time to write?” This is the answer to the problem. By committing to the workshop you commit to your writing. There is no pressure, just an expectation that you show up. And that’s all I needed to make writing a priority in my life. Thank you, Parrish for your guidance and encouragement.

Stacey Heins

Writer, The Hockey Mom Chronicles

What a lovely experience Emergence has been!  I’ve always struggled to get myself into the “space” of writing.  A chorus of voices about not being good enough, not know where to start, etc. always got in the way of sitting down and committing word to page. Parrish created the perfect container to relax and explore my writing. There was no pressure to perform, just a warm, supportive, sisterhood of fellow writers with useful exercises to drop us into our creativity.  I’ve written more on my book in the past 4 weeks than I have in the past 4 months!

Janet Crawford

CEO, Cascadance Inc

What Will You Get Out of Our Four Weeks Together?


  • A ritual practice to get yourself into writing mode so that your words can flow with greater ease every time you sit to write
  • A fondness for writing exercises, and a trust that you can turn to them whenever you need to as a way to discover new ideas and play with words
  • A community of women who are in it with you, who have made the same commitment despite fear or uncertainty, women to stand by you
  • A confidence in yourself as a writer that is impossible to develop until you make a real commitment to it
  • A piece of writing (or two or three) that you LOVE and feel proud of
  • The opportunity to CELEBRATE yourself as you achieve your own personal writing goal

Emergence is all about SHOWING UP to be the writer you’re meant to be.

Emergence isn’t like any other online writing workshop I’ve done. It’s about showing up and doing the work—right there. If you want to write but “don’t have time,” do Emergence. I loved looking forward to our 2 hours every week.

Sara Barry

Copywriter + Content Strategist,

How it works:

2 hour LIVE workshop every week* with:

  • Writing exercises to get the creative juices and new ideas flowing
  • Independent writing time to work on your own project
  • Time to discuss challenges and struggles people are facing in their writing

*NEW: Each week there will be an afternoon AND evening writing workshop so you choose which one works best with your schedule.


And there’s more:

  • Quiet Writing Blocks (we meet on Zoom and write, silently)
  • Private FB group for deeper connections + more support
  • Audio of Parrish’s signature writing process to use whenever you need it
Emergence with Parrish Wilson - A Workshop for Women Who Want to Write

Parrish makes you excited about writing and pushes you to show up for your own creativity at the same time. Emergence is a sacred space where you get to commit to your writing, the community and yourself. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t think of yourself as a writer (yet!)

Megan Flatt

Business Growth Strategist,

Parrish’s style of coaching made writing simple and fun. She helped me to focus, get out of my head and she was very encouraging. I highly recommend Parrish’s writing workshops.

Patricia Petersen

Owner of The Petersen Wellness Clinic & Registered Acupuncturist

 Who’s the creator and leader of Emergence?

Parrish Wilson is a Writing Coach + Book Editor for women who are inspired to share their stories and wisdom through the written word. She is currently enrolled in a Graduate Certificate program in Creative Writing at Humber Writing School, and it’s her mission to create safe and accessible opportunities for women to pursue their dreams of writing and self-expression, whether that’s entirely personal or with plans to publish. She is also a mama to two young boys and a big fan of restorative yoga, high quality tea and messy (aka loved in) houses.

Parrish stood by me as I opened up my vulnerable space and listened to me when I had doubts. She re-assured me when I was confused and gave me space and time to unfold the truth in my work. I now understand what it means to write from my heart, thanks to her guidance. Parrish is truly one of a kind!

Shalini Gambhir

Breast Cancer Educator + Founder, Nutrition Poet

More Support + Writing Tools


Quiet Writing Blocks

Quiet Writing Blocks

Each week there will be two two-hour blocks designated for quiet writing. During these blocks of time you may join me on Zoom and write with me. No coaching. No check-ins. No obligation. Show up if it works for you and we’ll focus on our own writing projects. See these blocks as extra encouragement to carve out the time you need to make your writing goals a priority.



Recording of Parrish's Signature Writing Process

Your Own Copy of Parrish’s Signature Writing Process

Used in every one of her writing workshops to date, Parrish has a special way to get you grounded and connected to your creative spirit so you can write the words that need to be written. With this recording in your writer’s toolbox you can use it whenever the words aren’t flowing or you feel the need to relax more fully into the writing experience.



Private Facebook Group

Private Emergence Facebook Group

To continue our workshop conversations and build deeper connections, a private Facebook group gives us another place to gather during Emergence. You can expect daily writing prompts, answers to your questions about anything writing related and the support you need to keep writing even when it feels too hard.

 Pursue your goals. Emerge as a writer. It’s time.

Emergence has been a gift. I signed up to kick-start my writing after several months of neglect and the workshop has been exactly what I needed… Not only to get writing again, but to get INSPIRED about writing again.

Sandra Vander Schaaf

Writer & Photographer, The Art of Seeing

You’ll feel at home in Emergence if you…

  • Feel called to write, even if you may not know what/why
  • Want to get into a groove with your natural writing voice
  • Have dreams of writing a book and want to test the waters
  • Need an extra dose of inspiration to finally finish a project
  • Believe that a regular writing practice would enhance your life and lead to more creative success

Emergence is likely NOT for you if…

  • You aren’t open to constructive criticism and coaching
  • You aren’t interested in trying new writing techniques
  • You struggle to use online technology
  • You can’t commit to the whole four weeks
  • You’re not ready to make a safe and fun commitment to writing

Fast Acting Bonuses!


For the first 5 women to register… 

Parrish Wilson - Writer. Mama. Book Coach + Editor.

Private Coaching Call with Parrish Wilson (Value $250)

In our 45 minute private coaching call we can discuss specific challenges you’re facing in your writing and even look at one of your pieces. These calls are an incredible way to dig into the heart of your challenge and find a way through the self-doubt, writers’ block or a particularly complex passage that’s been hanging you up. You’re free to book this call anytime before July 31st.

For the first 7 women to register… 

Kimberly Lin Pollard, Troll Tamer

Hot Seat Coaching – Troll Taming Workshop (Value $650)

Writing is bound to bring up all kinds of not-so-fun things like resistance, doubts, even questioning your worth. What if I’m not good enough? Who do I think I am to write these words?! Fear not (haha), Troll Tamer Kimberly Lin Pollard has your back.  She’ll be hanging out with us to teach us how the concept of trolls can help us beat back the fear and the doubts, helping us take the trolls down hot seat style on a live call. (The last group of Emergence women LOVED this workshop!)

The next series runs Wednesday May 31st to Wednesday June 21st.

LIVE workshops are Wednesdays 1:00-3:00 pm ET   and   8:00-10:00 pm ET


To register, select your preferred payment option:

Refund Policy: If something comes up and you are no longer able to attend the workshop I offer full refunds up to 1 week prior to the workshop date. If you wish to withdraw less than 7 days before the workshop you’re welcome to transfer it to someone else but no refund will be issued within 7 days of the workshop.