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Parrish Wilson is a powerful speaker who infuses deep vulnerability with wise inspiration. Speaking on motherhood, mental health, creativity and the reality of being a woman in today’s world, she digs into the raw emotions that lead our big decisions and day-to-day lives. Your audience will find her candid stories, relatable humour and charismatic energy refreshing.

Parrish is available for keynotes, panel discussions, workshops and retreat facilitation.

Learning from Parrish is such a joy because she is REAL. No BS, straight up honesty, good humour all topped off with an easy going atmosphere.

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Some of Parrish’s popular talks:

Mamas Gotta Tell The Truth

Modern motherhood is fraught with unreasonable expectations, loneliness and discontent. With unrealistic expectations splashed across newsfeeds in every pocket, purse and diaper bag, mothers today have constant reminders that they are not enough. Not skinny enough, not crafty enough, not ambitious enough, not organic enough, not happy enough. In a deeply vulnerable talk including stories of her own experience with depression and anxiety as a mother, Parrish will move your audience members to re-evaluate what is truly important during this time in their lives and inspire them to be honest about their experiences of motherhood, casting aside the image of perfection. Fresh, brilliant and incredibly on-point in today’s hyper-connected world, this talk changes mothers, and families, for the better.

You Are What You Write – A Journaling Workshop for Women

The process of writing can change you – how you see yourself, how you perceive situations, and your thoughts and feelings toward others. Taking the time to journal when you feel down can lift you and allow you to see the brightness of possibility. Likewise, taking the time to write when you feel joyful can make the joy grow and create a sense of celebration. Through simple exercises facilitated by professional writing coach Parrish Wilson, you will learn to use journaling to process emotions and uncover deeper truths, to nurture yourself through both the highs and lows of life.

Parrish enjoys crafting talks and workshops specific to your event. Possible topics include:


  • Written self-expression
  • The power of journaling
  • The creative process
  • Self-care
  • Motherhood
  • Mental Health

Check out Parrish speaking at Centre Stage Live in 2015:


Listening to Parrish speak, I felt like I was given permission to live life on my own terms. I was so impressed with her story – she is a stunning example of a woman who can have it all: a rocking business, a happy family, and inner peace!

Alionka Polanko


Parrish is a dynamite and incredibly passionate speaker!  She captivated me from her first breath. I feel so inspired and determined to live my truth in each and every moment, she is truly a catalyst for action. Thank you for that beautiful gift, Parrish!

Samantha Ushedo

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