Living with depression, anxiety and/or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) can feel like living on a roller coaster. Especially if you’re high functioning. Some mornings you wake up and things feel manageable, you can navigate the busy morning routine with the kids, make your way to work and do a pretty damn good job. You’re able to keep the nagging thoughts in check enough to keep things looking good, (on the outside).

And then there are the days when it’s too hard… when you wake up in the morning already low or something happens part way through the day to bring you down – a particularly difficult five-year old or a clash with a co-worker or a comment on social media that rubs you the wrong way. And suddenly, you’re falling down the hole of emotion, getting stuck in rumination and anxious thinking.

And then are the days so heavy that you can barely get out of bed and the weight of overwhelm and exhaustion keeps you down. You muddle through the day weeping, wondering why you have to feel this way, hating your unpredictable moods and wishing you could just be like everyone else.

I hear ya. I’ve been there too. More times than I can count.

And after two decades of managing high functioning depression, anxiety and PMDD, I know that you can find your own unique set of healthy habits that will bring greater stability to your moods, allowing you to experience fewer down days and more consistent good days.

You deserve to feel well. You deserve to be able to trust your moods and understand your natural rhythms so that you can work with them, rather than feel like you’re always fighting to get through yet another harder-than-it-needs-to-be day.

You don’t need to struggle so much.

Empower yourself with the wisdom you need to feel well.

During this 12 week program you will:


  • Identify patterns in your mood so you can find flow and rhythm in your life
  • Discover the right healthy habits to keep your body and brain feeling good
  • Learn to practice radical self-compassion and self-love so that you can stop fighting your way to health
  • FINALLY create a life that works for YOU

This program is for women with:


  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Social and General Anxiety Disorder
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
  • Dysthymia (Persistent Depressive Disorder)
  • Undiagnosed low mood and emotional instability

But, this program is NOT a substitute for counselling. Working with a professional counselor to uncover and heal childhood trauma is an important component of real mental health healing. Medication may also be required on a long-term or short-term basis depending on the severity of symptoms.

The thing is, counselling and medication are not cure-alls. Many people find that those interventions make life manageable, but only to the point of feeling “good enough” rather than AWESOME. Habit and lifestyle changes are vital components of true mental wellness. How you treat your body and soul has a major impact on how your mind feels.

Your mind, body and soul are connected and need a integrated approach to achieve true balance and mental wellness. 

From decades of personal and professional experience, I know there are some key lifestyle pieces that must be addressed for lasting emotional change.

During our work together we can dig into the following:

  • Radical self-compassion and acceptance
  • Boundaries, people-pleasing and perfectionism
  • Nutrition, exercise and SLEEP (so so so important)
  • Mindfulness and a spiritual connection that feeds YOUR soul
  • Sexuality, shame and learning to love your desire
  • Self-expression and creativity
  • Recognition of oppression and patriarchal systems holding you down (because the impact of this is real and huge)

This is not a cookie cutter program. I’m not going to tell you to do exactly what I do to feel well. Working together we will identify YOUR best choices, what YOU need to do to feel YOUR best.

But let me get real for a second, this is not one more program for you to sink your perfectionist teeth into, trying to discipline yourself into wellness. “But I just need a better to-do list, an optimized routine…” NOPE. That’s not the way this goes. I tried that for YEARS, (pretty much my whole life), thinking that one day I would miraculously start to adhere to my perfect expectations (work out 5 days a week, never eat sugar in any form, always sleep 8 hours a night, meditate daily, the list goes on…) but guess what? Time and time again, I would fail. I would fail and get frustrated and give up entirely. Right back down the I-hate-myself rabbit hole I would go…

This program is different. This program is about grace more than discipline. It’s about self-compassion more than routine. It’s about truly sinking into loving yourself, on the good days AND the bad. The best thing I ever did was accept my darkness and I hope to help you do the same because there’s a lot of freedom waiting for you on the other side.

Why work with me?

I know depression and anxiety. I live with both myself and have for pretty much my whole life, navigating low mood, rumination and overwhelm on an almost daily basis. Most of the time I’m considered high functioning but I’ve also experienced two major episodes that took me out of school/work, leaving me unable to function for months at a time. 

Recognizing these themes in my life early on, I chose to pursue a Child & Youth Worker diploma and started working with young girls with complex mental health and trauma issues when I was just twenty years old. I went on from there to complete a Psychology degree with a Minor in Women’s Studies and have worked in community, educational and residential settings in the fields of addiction, trauma and behaviour modification. I’ve supplemented my formal education with ongoing learning in natural health and healing. 

Most recently, I started tracking my moods against my cycle and learned that Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is part of my emotional make-up. With this knowledge I’ve found ways to bring even greater emotional stability to my life with a combination of supplements and radical self-acceptance.

I believe we all have a unique recipe that balances our moods. These days I manage my own with medication, good sleep, a low-sugar diet, moderate exercise, supplements and thought management. 

It’s not easy, but so worth it. Just the other day I managed a particularly stressful morning with my kids and NEVER yelled or felt like a crazy person. As we were driving to school I said to my kids, “I’m sure getting better at not yelling, aren’t I?”

And their response? “Big time, mom!”

There’s nothing more important than that.

Interested in working together?


The Holistic Mental Health Program has two registration options:

Commit to three months with a determination to change how you operate in the world:

  • Week 1: Longer session to start (60-90 min)
  • Week 2-7: 30 minute calls weekly
  • Week 8: Longer session
  • Week 9-12: 30 minute calls biweekly
  • Email and text support in between
  • Sliding scale investment: $900-1800 CAD

Commit to one month with an openness and willingness to try do things differently:

  • Week 1: Longer session to start 
  • Week 2-4: 30 minute calls
  • Email and text support in between
  • Sliding scale investment: $300-600


Payment plans are available for either option.

The first step in making sustainable change that will bring you the kind of emotional stability you want, need and deserve, is to have a complimentary call with me to see if we’re a good fit. Click here to book some time with me.