Fear, Resistance & NetflixYou know those days you just can’t seem to get anything done… those days that creep into weeks… perhaps even become a most dreadful month. When you don’t know what’s stopping you. Everything is right there in front of you – your vision board, your to-do list, your Google calendar. The next step is clear and yet…


Or rather, a serious Netflix binge, an aimless afternoon on Facebook.

Time wasted.

Too much time spent NOT doing that thing that you KNOW is the start to the next mountain you move.

I’ve been dancing in that space lately. Waltzing around my to-do list with finesse, like a well-rehearsed opening night. You may have even noticed actually, because there was no blog post last week…

It’s a funny place for me to find myself. A place I simultaneously feel is completely foreign and a well-loved home.

But despite what you and I may call it, this place is not procrastination. It is not boredom or the result of a short attention span. It is resistance.

Fear. And resistance.

And that wisdom is what is new to me. Because although I have danced this dance many times before I had no idea that what was happening was actually a reaction to fear. I had no idea that I was self-sabotaging due to the fact that I was face-to-face with the next big thing, and that scared the shit out of me.

No, instead I thought I just didn’t have the determination. I thought I was lacking in follow through. I thought I was a little bit flakey. Man, I told myself all kinds of crap!

As I bet you do too.

And the funniest thing about this (to me at least) is that I kept hearing entrepreneurs talk about this journey being uncomfortable, about how they had to work through the fear. And I would wonder when I was going to get to that point, completely unaware that there I was sitting in it calling it something else entirely.

But what a beautiful lesson to learn. The ache of the length of time it took is frustrating to say the least, but I learned it. I figured out what it is I am doing when I stare out my window for an hour or wander my kitchen making snacks instead of sitting down and rocking out my next blog post. I am resisting. I am experiencing fear.

And that’s awesome, it really is! And if you’re feeling the fear too raise a glass with me because it’s time to celebrate pushing our edges. It’s time to celebrate being uncomfortable.

Because the right thing doesn’t always feel good.

Because the right thing can be scary as fuck.

When Netflix and chocolate suddenly sound better than following up with your favourite client, you can be damn sure that fear and its sidekick resistance have shown up for your 10 o’clock. Simply being aware of that will weaken their ability to take over.

And choosing to do something self-loving, nurturing and fueling will give you the presence of mind needed to gently step through the resistance, accept the fear and get your shit done.

Cuz you and I were put here to make a difference in the world.

Release the resistance. Celebrate the fear.

Move mountains.

xo parrish