Like me, you know you’re meant to write.

There’s this urge inside you, a pull perhaps, a feeling that you’ve got words that must find their way onto the page. And maybe those words shape themselves into an article, short story, poem or book that gets published and shared with the world. Or maybe those words stay tucked safe inside your journal.

Your words know what they are meant for. Your job is to open up and let them guide you.


Parrish Wilson - Writing Coach + Developmental EditorI’m Parrish Wilson, Writing Coach and Developmental Editor for women with words in their soul that need to find their way onto the page. I know the power of writing, it has seen me through my hardest times and brought me great clarity, healing and joy. 

After years of fearing I was “not good enough”, the birth of my first son pushed me to finally show up as the writer I had always wanted to be. With those little eyes looking up at me, I knew I had become the ultimate role model and it was my responsibility to show my son that a creative life is a wonderful and worthy life.

Since then I have written online about motherhood, mental health and writing, building a business along the way. I’ve now worked with hundreds of women through my workshops and privately, showing them that they too have the ability to write openly and honestly so that they may inspire greatness and transformation.

I have a BA in Psychology with a Women’s Studies minor and a Child & Youth Worker diploma. I find this background gives me a keen insight into the emotional and psychological experience of the reader and adds great depth to the work I do with my clients.

Currently, I am pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing from The Humber Writing School, and writing my first full-length manuscript, a memoir of my experience with postpartum depression.

My commitment to truth is what inspires me daily to show up for my own writing and my clients’.

If you have a writing goal you’re ready to achieve, I’d love to support you during one of my writing retreats. I also take on a limited number of writing coaching and developmental editing projects. You’re welcome to book a complimentary consultation call with me to discuss your writing project and how I may be of assistance.

If you would like to hang out and chat about all things writing, please join me in Writing Vibes, my free Facebook group for women who write (or wish they did). And last but surely not least, I invite you to take a look at more of my writing on my Patreon page where I share both memoir and essay style non-fiction pieces.

xo parrish