Like me, you know you’re meant to write.

There’s this urge inside you, a pull perhaps, a feeling that you’ve got words that must find their way onto the page. And maybe those words shape themselves into an article, short story, poem or book that gets published and shared with the world. Or maybe those words stay tucked safe inside your journal.

Your words know what they are meant for. Your job is to open up and let them guide you.


I’m Parrish Wilson, Writing Coach for women who know there are words in their soul that need to find their way onto the page. My mission is to create safe and accessible opportunities for women to express themselves through the written word, whether tParrish Wilson, Writing Coachheir work is destined for publishing or lives happily ever after in a journal.

I know the power of writing, it has seen me through my hardest times and I believe that when we create the space in our life to write, we open ourselves up to explore our deepest truths, celebrate our greatest wins and be present to the magnificence of the world around us.

It was actually the birth of my first son that pushed me to finally show up as the writer I knew I was meant to be. The desire had always been there but self-doubt, fear and practicality had dismissed it for years. But once that little one was looking up at me, I knew I had become the ultimate role model. I knew I had to show my son that the best way to live is to follow your dreams and so it was time to follow my own.

And now I am honoured to be running a business that helps women do the same.