You’ve got words in your soul.

Let’s get them on the page.

Parrish Wilson. Writing Coach

Hey there, I’m Parrish Wilson and I’m a Writing Coach for women who feel like they have words in their soul that MUST be expressed. Whether those words are meant to be published and shared with the world, or kept in your journal for your eyes only, they are valuable and deserve to find their place on the page. My mission is to create safe and accessible opportunities for women to explore written self-expression, and I would love for you to join me in Writing Vibes, my free Facebook group for women who write (or want to write) or one of my free Writing Workshops (below).

Free Writing Workshops!


It’s hard to carve out the time to write and to get over the inevitable block that seems to descend upon us each time we face a new blank document! That’s why I run regular free writing workshops to help you get the words flowing.

In these workshops you will:

  • Write with more flow and ease than you’re used to
  • Find new ideas and ways to play with words
  • Feel connected with women around the world who are making time for their writing too

And by the way, these are NOT “webinars”. I’m not going to spend an hour talking AT you. You’ll experience my signature writing process and get to play around with some facilitated writing exercises. You will leave with words on the page! I promise.

Get a new blank document open! It’s time to write!

This month I will be hosting three free workshops. To register, please choose the one that fits in your schedule:

Parrish’s style of coaching made writing simple and fun! I highly recommend this workshop and will definitely take it again.

Patricia Petersen

Owner of The Petersen Wellness Clinic & Registered Acupuncturist

Parrish so effortlessly holds the space for everyone to participate openly. Her process made writing easy for me and I’m so grateful to have been a part of this workshop!

Adrienne Janssen

Leafflipper Coaching & Consulting